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He's a good man carrying a dark secret. But he never expected it to lead him into the thorns of Darkwood. Now there is something dark inside his soul and he can't escape.

Rehan is a barber, who likes to dabble in some interesting extracurricular activities such as collecting body parts, performing experiments and carrying out backstreet surgical procedures. A strange collection of hobbies some may say. However, the love of his life Gwyneth doesn't mind it one wit and always greets him with a smile, even if he's covered in a blood-spattered pinny. When he chances upon a treasure he can't turn down, it leads him into the Darkwood where he encounters a dark fae that will change him forever...

A dark fantasy tale set in Tellusm (the world of "The Spirit of Things").  What lurks deep within the thorns? Read "The Fae of Darkwood" now to find out.


Nanowrimo 2020 project. A Psychological Thriller based in Teesside!

I’m a family man with three kids, I have a seven-seater car, I have a decent job and live in a nice part of Teesside. I also have a toy poodle that a spoil.  


However, I also teach cretins important lessons. This knowledge is delivered in such a way that it evolves their thinking. Improves them, creating contributing members of our society. I achieve this feat in many ways, extensive planning, a knuckle duster, duct tape and a plastic bag wrapped around my face to name but a few. Sometimes injustices slip through the cracks. Sometimes there has to be another way...


My name is The Sickener, the stories you have heard are not all true. Take a seat and let me enlighten you...

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Book 2 in the Beyond Horizon Series of Coming of Age Fantasy Novels

The second novel in the Beyond Horizon series is drafted! I am looking for ARC readers right now! If you would like to join the ARC read team all you have to do is find the Beta readers and street teamers group on Facebook. 

Conveniently I have included the link below. 

Hope to see you there! Thanks Ben.