So far...

Ben McQueeney was born in Stockton, County Durham, UK in August 1983 to the sounds of "Red Red Wine" by UB40. Which is coincidental, because he loves red wine now. Well, beer really to be honest. 

He started his career as a Microbiologist and worked in big pharma for many years before deciding to be less scientific and more "Arty" and "Creative".

He moved into Production Management for a design studio. Working with creative types urged him into writing and time later the first novel "The Spirit of Things" is finished with a release date of March 2020.

He's a family man with an amazing partner Robyn who does well to put up with him most of the time, a daft dad with two little girls (and one on the way!) that keeps him on his toes, an avid CrossFitter and even plays drums in the UK's best covers band.   

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