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The Fae of Darkwood - A Tellusm Tale

He's a good man carrying a dark secret. But he never expected it to lead him into the thorns of Darkwood. Now there is something dark inside his soul and he can't escape it...


Rehan is a barber, who likes to dabble in some interesting extracurricular activities such as collecting body parts, performing experiments and carrying out backstreet surgical procedures. A strange collection of hobbies some may say. However, the love of his life Gwyneth doesn't mind it one wit and always greets him with a smile, even if he's covered in a blood-spattered pinny. 

When he chances upon a treasure he can't turn down, it leads him into the Darkwood where he encounters a dark fae that will change him forever...

A dark fantasy tale set in Tellusm (the world of "The Spirit of Things").  What lurks deep within the thorns? Read "The Fae of Darkwood" now to find out.

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